Forms and Insurance information

You can download a claim form for Sports Underwriting Australia with the link below.  If you need to make an injury claim you need to down load the attached form; complete several sections yourself; your doctor needs to complete a section; if you are claimimg loss of income your employer needs to fill in a section; and there is a club declaration - this must be completed by the club Secretary or Treasurer.  At present the Treasurer, Leonie, and the Secretary, Clarissa, are both players, and are up at the sports center every Tuesday.  Alternatively you can email through and a different arrangement can be met.  You need to have your claim form in to Sports Underwriting Australia within 28 days of the injury - return to Sports Underwriting Australia not the committee.  You may need to have a copy of the score sheet for the game you were injured in, is so please email through and this can be organised. 

KNSC Liability waiver for surgical implants.pdf86.37 KB
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