Forms and Insurance information

You can download Sporting Accident Insurance Claim Form below.  If you need to make an injury claim you need to down load the attached form; complete several sections yourself; your doctor needs to complete a section; and there is a club declaration - this must be completed by the club Secretary or Treasurer.  At present the Treasurer, Leonie, and the Secretary, Annie, both play in Cougars, and they are up there every Tuesday; our President, Debbie, plays in Fifty Shades.  Alternatively you can email through and a different arrangement can be met.  You need to have your claim form in to Sportscover Australiawith in 120 days of the injury - return to Sportscover not the committee.  You also need to have a copy of the score sheet for your game.  Please email through and this can be organised. 

SUA Sports Injury Claim Form online 1015.pdf301.5 KB
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